This Morning When I Rose Lyrics: A Journey of Sadistic Music

This Morning When I Rose Lyrics

Churchgoers who sing might look up the Mississippi Mass Choir. They do fantastic presentations and sing songs that cause tears. Among their most well-known songs, “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics” stands out because of its lengthy history and decent message. This article will discuss the history of the choir, the lyrics of this well-known hymn, and how their music has evolved the church genre.

A cursory glance at the Mississippi Mass Choir

Frank Williams launched the American church band known as Mississippi Mass in 1988. The choir became famous very quickly thanks to its powerful performances and touching messages. The group, which includes Mosie Burks and Jerry Calvin Smith, has made a lot of hits that are now standard in church music, like “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics”. The fact that they want to spread faith through song has won them friends all over the world.

Sources and Effects

To fill a gap in the church music scene, the Mississippi Mass Choir was formed, bringing together skilled singers from all over Mississippi. Many other artists have been inspired by their unique mix of classic and modern gospel, which has also helped gospel music reach more people.

Key Members and Their Contributions
  • Mossie Burks: Burks is a symbol of the choir’s vitality and fire with her great voice.
  • Jerry Calvin Smith: Smith has directed the choir’s music and been instrumental in their success, therefore giving them their distinctive sound.

Themes of “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics”

It’s clear from “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics” that the choir can use music to send deep messages. People really connect with the song’s words, which are about being thankful, having faith, and waking spiritually.

Taking a Look at the Lyrics
  • Verse 1: The first line of the poem says, “This morning when I rose, I didn’t have any doubt.” These lines show a strong belief in God’s presence, which sets the tone for the song.
  • Chorus: “I know the Lord will take care of me, I know the Lord will supply for me”. Majorly in line with gospel music, this section of the song emphasizes the concept of trusting and depending on God’s care.
Composition of Music

Traditional church sounds are mixed with more modern sounds in the song to make a sound that is both classic and up-to-date. The choir’s rhythms and the lead singer’s strong voice make the song very interesting to listen to.

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Changes in Gospel Music

There will never be another church song like “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics” by the Mississippi Mass Choir. Many musicians have performed the song, and church groups all over the country still love it.

Having an effect on other artists

Even though they mostly make music in different styles, artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Lil Wayne have said that religious music has influenced their work. Spiritual and emotional themes in church songs like “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics” have spread to other types of music.

Review and Reception

A lot of people have said nice things about “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics,” including the positive message and great music. Fans and critics alike praise the choir’s shows for being able to make people feel strong feelings.

Video lessons and sheet music make it easy to learn the song

If you want to learn “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics,” there are many places you can look. Anyone can learn to play this beautiful song with the help of simple video classes and written music.

Video Lessons

Sites like YouTube have videos that show you how to play and sing the song step by step. These lessons break down the parts of music so that it’s easier to learn and play.

Music Sheets

You can find “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics” sheet music online, which has the correct written notes to play the song correctly. People who want to learn the song can grab PDFs from websites like Peermusic Publishing.

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Connect with choir through social media and community involvement

Fans of the Mississippi Mass Choir can stay up to date on their latest projects and events by following them on social media.

Social Media Platforms
  • Facebook: Like the choir’s page, it provides news, information, and a means of local community connection.
  • YouTube: Their main channel features footage from behind-the-scenes, music videos, and live events.
Including the society

Through plays, live events, and initiatives benefiting members of the community, the choir often communicates with its supporters. They don’t just want to share their faith through singing; they also want to help others and live by the rules.


Finally, “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics” by the Mississippi Mass Choir is more than just music. A lot of people have been moved by this act of faith and thanksgiving. Their sincere songs have long-lasting impact in the field of church music as they still inspire people. Whether you have been a fan for a long period or this is your first time listening to their music, their message of hope and faith will call to you.


What does “This Morning When I Rose Lyrics” means?

The song is about having faith, thanksgiving, and believing God would look after you.

Among the members of the Mississippi Mass Choir, which ones really stand out?

Two well-known choir members who have greatly helped it to be successful are Mosie Burks and Jerry Calvin Smith.

Where can I get “This Morning When I Rose” sheet music?

You can find sheet music online at places like Peermusic Publishing and other music sheet sources.

What did the Mississippi Mass Choir do that other singers did?

Artists from many styles, like pop, hip-hop, and R&B, have been inspired by the choir’s strong performances and spiritual topics.

What kinds of materials are there to help me learn the song?

People who want to learn the song can find simple video lessons on sites like YouTube and sheet music that they can download.

How can I find out what the Mississippi Mass Choir is doing?

You can find out about their latest news, shows, and community events by following their official Facebook and YouTube pages.

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