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Mol and Sons Motors Ltd

Welcome to Mol and Sons Motors Ltd., the used car shop you can trust in North York, Ontario. We’re proud to be honest, friendly, and easy to work with, so you can be sure that getting your next car will go smoothly and be fun. We can help you whether you want to trade in your old car or find a reliable used car, van, or SUV. Our large selection and great customer service will take care of you.

About Us

Background and History

Mol and Sons Motors Ltd has been an important part of the North York society for a long time. Honesty and loyalty to our customers are the values on which our business was built. Thanks to our loyal customers and dedication from them, we’ve grown from a small owned business to a well known name in the car industry over the years.

Goals and Principles

At Mol and Sons Motors Ltd our goal is simple which is to give excellent customer service while selling high quality used cars at low prices. Everything we do we are always being honest, respectful, and open. We want to have long-lasting connections with our customers by taking care of their car needs in a fair and honest way.

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Why Choose Us?

Service that is friendly and honest

If you buy a car from Mol and Sons Motors Ltd., we think it should be a fun and comfortable experience. Our helpful and friendly staff is here for you every step of the way. We take the time to learn about your wants and needs so that you can find the best car for your income and way of life.

Simple to Work With

We understand that getting a car can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. We try to make the process as simple and easy as possible. We want your experience to be smooth and enjoyable, from looking through our goods to making your purchase.

Our Stock Includes a Range of Used Cars

There are many good used cars of many makes and types available at our car lot. We have something for everyone, whether you need a small car for going in the city, a large sedan for your family, or a tough truck for work.

Trucks and vans

Along with a huge selection of cars, we also have a wide range of vans and SUVs. These cars are great for families, adventurers and anyone else who needs more room and options. We carefully check every car in our collection to make sure it lives up to our high standards for quality and durability.

Guarantees of quality and warranties

There is a guarantee on every used car, van, and SUV on our lot, so you can buy with confidence. We stand behind the quality of our cars and offer warranties to cover fixes that come up out of the blue. Before it goes to our customers, we make sure that every vehicle is in great shape by checking it very carefully.

How to Trade-In

Accepting Trade-Ins for Cars

We’ll take your trade-in cars at Mol and Sons Motors Ltd. Trading in your old car can help you save money on a new one and make the buying process easier. We give you a fair price for your old car and make the process easy and quick.

We promise the best price

We believe in giving you the best price for your trade-in. Our skilled workers will look at your car and make you an offer that is fair and honest. To make sure you get the best deal, we look at your car’s state, mileage, and market value.

How the Customer Feels

Don’t Push Ways to Sell

Our customers really like that we don’t put any pressure on them to buy anything at Mol and Sons Motors Ltd. We know that choosing to buy a car is a big deal, and we want you to be 100% happy with your choice. Our sales staff is here to help and advise you, not push you to buy something.

Quotes from Customers

The good comments we get from our customers shows how much we care about making them happy. Here are some good things people have said about us:

“Mol and Sons Motors made it easy for me to buy my first car.” The staff was nice and helpful, and I never felt like I had to decide right away. “I love my new car!” Thanks, Sarah M. • “It was so easy to trade in my old car for a newer one. I got a great deal on my trade-in, and I love my new SUV. – John D. • “Great service all the way through.” The people at Mol and Sons Motors really went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with my buy. — Mary T.

Easy to Get Credit

Easy and Quick Credit Approval

We understand that you need a car quickly. So, to get you behind the wheel as soon as possible, we’ve sped up the loan approval process. If you fill out our online credit application form, you could be driving your new car in hours instead of days or weeks.

Applying for credit online

It’s easy and safe to apply for credit online with us. This feature lets you apply for loans from home which can save your time and trouble. Our team will quickly look over your application and get back to you with the best loan choices.

Options for Financing

Plans for flexible financing

Mol and Sons Motors Ltd has a number of financing choices so that you can get the car you want. No matter what kind of credit you have good, bad, or none. We can help you find a plan that works for you. We have a group of reliable lenders we work with to make sure you get the best rates and terms.

Working with Credit Scores That Vary

You can still get the car you need even if your credit score is low. We are experts at helping people with a wide range of credit histories. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone, even those with bad credit, to own a car.

Web-based services

Looking through inventory online

From the comfort of your own home, our website makes it easy to look through our used cars, vans, and SUVs. You can make an informed choice because each listing has photos, prices, and a lot of specific information about Mol and Sons Motors.

Setting up test drives

Are you ready to drive a car? Online, you can choose a time that works for you for a test drive. The car will be ready for you when you get here, so you can try it out for yourself.

Joining the community

Help for the local community

Mol and Sons Motors Ltd is proud to be an important part of the area around North York. Local projects that make our neighborhood a better place to live and work are important to us, so we back them.

Giving and Events

We often take part in charity events and give money to good causes in our community. We want to make a difference in the community, whether it’s by supporting a local sports team, helping with a food drive, or holding events.

Our Staff Has a Lot of Experience and Knowledge

Here at Mol and Sons Motors Ltd, our staff are skilled professionals who love cars and want to help our customers. We have people in sales and marketing to give you the best service possible at Mol and Sons motors Ltd.

Commitment to Customer Service

Customer happiness is very important to us. We do everything possible to make sure that every customer is happy with their buy when they leave our dealership. We’re committed to service even after you drive off the lot; we’re here to help you as long as you own the car.

Location and Hours: The North York location is very convenient.

Our location in North York makes it easy for people from all over the Greater Toronto Area to come see us. You can easily get to our store by car or public transportation.

Business hours and how to get in touch

Our business hours are friendly so that they work for you. We’re open from Monday to Saturday and some days we stay open later to better meet your needs. For any questions or to make an appointment, you can call, email, or visit our website to get in touch with us.

Special Deals

Deals and discounts going on now

We always have great sales and deals going on that can help you save money on your next car buy. At Mol and Sons Motors Ltd., there are always ways to save money, like holiday sales and low interest rates on loans.

Holiday Sales

Watch our website for deals during certain times of the year.

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