Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller: Priceless Troy’s Hit

lyrics i wanna be a baller shot caller

What does “Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller” mean in the southern hip-hop scene? It means a lot in Houston, Texas. In Lil’ Troy’s song “Wanna Be a Baller,” which also has Fat Pat, Yungstar, and Big H.A.W.K., this famous line is found. When it came out in 1998, the song became a rallying cry for rap artists who wanted to get rich and famous. It represents the hopes and dreams of many young artists from the South and is an important moment in hip-hop history.

A Look Back at “Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller”

The Artists Who Made the Song

Little Troy: Born Troy Birklett, Rhyming star Lil’ Troy became famous all over the country with the song “Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller.” It was much earlier in his career, though, and he has been an important part of the Houston rap scene since the early 1990s. “Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller,” from his first record Sittin’ Fat Down South, cemented his place in the business.

Fat Pat: Patrick Hawkins, better known as Fat Pat, was a rapper in Houston who was part of the group Screwed Up Click. The part he played on “Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller” is memorable, and new singers are still influenced by him. Sadly, Fat Pat died in 1998, the same year that the song came out.

Yungstar: Yungstar, who is also from Houston, gave the song a unique sound and flow. Being on “Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller” made him more well-known and solidified his place in the Houston rap scene.

Big H.A.W.K.: It was Big H.A.W.K. Hawkins, who was Fat Pat’s brother and a member of the Screwed Up Click. His deep voice and strong words gave the song more meaning. Like his brother, Big H.A.W.K. was killed in 2006, cutting his life short.

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Effects of the Song

“Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller” is not just a song; it’s an important part of pop culture. The slow beat and heavy basslines of this song make it a good example of the “country rap” style that came from the South. Many people can relate to the song’s themes of desire, wealth, and success, especially those who come from poor families and see rap as a way to get out of their situation.

With its catchy hook and remembered lyrics, the song’s music made sure it would go down in hip-hop history. Because it did so well on the charts, southern hip-hop became popular, paving the way for other acts from the area.

Looking at the Lyrics in Pieces

The words to “Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller” show both the hopes and the facts of living on the streets. Here are some important lines and what they mean:

“Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller, twenty-inch blades on the Impala”: This line says everything about the song. The words “baller” and “shot caller” are used to describe someone who is powerful and in charge. “Twenty-inch blades” on the Impala refer to the car’s big, flashy wheels, which are a sign of wealth in many cities.

“Caller gettin’ laid tonight, swisher rolled tight, gotta spray by Ike”: It shows the party-loving life that comes with being successful. The phrase “Swisher rolled tight” means to roll marijuana in a Swisher Sweets cigar, and “spray by Ike” could mean a certain brand of cologne or getting ready for a night out.

Hit the highway, makin’ money the fly way’: This line emphasises the idea of making money and enjoying what you’ve earned. The “highway” means getting where you want to go, and “the fly way” means doing it in style.

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Hip-Hop in the South

With the rise of southern hip-hop in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the style took on a new look. Houston in particular became a popular place for new artists to live and work. The Screwed Up Click, a group that DJ Screw started, was very important to this movement. DJ Screw’s “chopped and screwed” style, which includes adding skips and scratches to a track while slowing it down, became a signature of the Houston sound.

Key Players and Their Effects

DJ Screw: DJ Screw was one of the first people to play hip-hop in Houston, and his unique style inspired many other artists. In the underground rap community, his mixtapes with slowed-down songs and remixes became famous.

UGK (Underground Kingz): UGK was another important Southern group. It was made up of Bun B and the late Pimp C. A lot of the time, their songs had themes like “Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller,” like wanting to be rich and successful.

Swishahouse: Swishahouse, which was started by Michael “5000” Watts, helped get Houston rap music heard by more people. This label gave rise to artists like Paul Wall and Slim Thug, who carried on the southern hip-hop spirit.


“I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller” is more than just a song; it shows what many young people in the South’s cities want to be and how they want to get there. Its importance is shown by how it changed the music business and how famous it still is. Even though they were going through terrible things in their personal lives, the artists who made the song left a lasting mark on the world of hip-hop, and their music continues to inspire musicians today.


How did Lil’ Troy get the idea for “Wanna Be a Baller”?

The song shows what a lot of young people in cities want, which is to be successful and financially stable through rap music. Lil’ Troy wanted to show that dream and the way of life that comes with it.

What effect did “Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller” have on the music business?

The song made southern hip-hop more popular and showed that the South had its own voice and style. It made it possible for singers from the area to become famous across the country in the future.

Why is the song still important now?

The ideas of desire, success, and getting through hard times will always be important. Hip-hop fans will always love this song because of its catchy hook and remembered lyrics.

What happened to the acts who were on the song?

It’s sad that both Fat Pat and Big H.A.W.K. were killed, which ended their lives and careers. Lil’ Troy is still working in the music business, and Yungstar is still a recognised figure in the Houston rap scene.

What effect did the “chopped and screwed” method have on the song?

“Lyrics I Wanna Be a Baller Shot Caller” isn’t a chopped and screwed track, but it doesn’t lack the sound of DJ Screw and Houston. DJ Screw made this style famous, which is known for its slow, mellow beats and heavy basslines.

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