How to make LoFi music Video

How to make lofi music video
How to make LoFi Music Video: A Complete Guide

“Lofi” which stands for “low fidelity” describes a music quality that is above the limits of music. The warm sentimental vibe of lofi music is enhanced by its patience of imperfection like it’s background noise. The genre frequently combines jazz, hip hop and ambient music components to produce a loneliness and peaceful creation.

How to make lofi music video? Creating a lofi song using mobile apps like InShot, CapCut and VN video editor is a creative and accessible way to produce music and accompanying visuals. A complete lofi music experience about how to make lofi music video that resonates with listeners and viewers. These video editors offer tools that can help you craft a complete lofi experience. Here is a step by step guide to making a lofi song with these tools.

1. Preparing Your Audio

As InShot and CapCut are not designed for music production, you’ll need to prepare your audio track using a dedicated audio app.

Options to make Copyright Free Audio:

  • Music Speed Changer : Best Copyright free music editor app.
  • BandLab : A free and user friendly software to edit any kind of music.

Copyright Free Music Using Music Speed Changer:

  1. Import any music/song you like to make it LoFi.
  2. Enable High Pitch and Tempo option and decrease the pitch to below 1.5 and decrease the Tempo to below 90.
  3. Enable the Compressor option and set Wet to 100 and Attack to 0.166.
  4. Save the Music by clicking on 3 dots on top right-side corner and select Save audio track.

2. Making LoFi Videos in InShot

InShot is best mobile video editor that allows you to create engaging videos and guides you on how to make lofi music video for your lofi track.

Steps to Make LoFi Videos:

  1. Import Your Audio Track
    • Launch InShot and start a new project.
    • Import the lofi track you prepared in the previous step using Music Speed Changer.
  2. Add Visual Elements
    • Background Video or Image: Choose background video or image from different websites or from Instagram that makes the mood of your lofi track. You can Download Background videos from Pixabay, Pexels and Freepik.
    • Effects and Filters: Apply Black and White filters to give your video a classic and unrealistic look. InShot gives various effects that can enhance the videos.
  3. Add Text and Your own Tag
    • Use text overlays to display the track title, artist name, and lyrics of the music.
    • Add animations to make the video more engaging.
    • Make tag using a @ sign before your brand or name. Forexample: @Lyrifii or @ronaldo, so that your videos will not be stolen by someone.
  4. Adjust Timing and Sync
    • Ensure that you make the transitions well with the audio. Adjust the duration and transitions to match the mood and pace of your track.
  5. Export the Video
    • Once you’re satisfied with the video, export it in high quality for sharing now you know how to make lofi music video in future.

3. Enhancing Videos in CapCut

CapCut, another versatile video editing app, offers additional tools and effects to refine your visuals and shows you how to make lofi music video.

Steps to Enhance Visuals:

  1. Open CapCut and Import Your Video
    • Launch CapCut and import the video you created in InShot.
  2. Add Advanced Effects
    • CapCut offers a variety of effects and transitions. Explore options like glitch effects, film grain, and light leaks to add more character to your video.
    • Use CapCut’s overlays and blending modes to create unique visual styles.
  3. Incorporate Additional Elements
    • Animations: Add subtle animations to your text and stickers for a more dynamic look.
    • Transitions: Smooth out cuts between different visual elements with seamless transitions.
  4. Fine-Tune the Video
    • Adjust the color grading, brightness, and contrast to match the lofi aesthetic.
    • Use CapCut’s audio tools to ensure your track’s volume and quality are maintained.
  5. Export the Final Video
    • Once your video is polished and complete, export it in the desired resolution and format and now you know how to make lofi music video.

4. Sharing Your Lofi Song

After creating your lofi song and accompanying visuals, share it on platforms where lofi music is appreciated:

  • YouTube: Create a lofi channel or upload to existing channels dedicated to the genre.
  • Instagram: Share short clips or full videos on your feed or IGTV.
  • Facebook: Share short music videos on your feed to reach more audience.
  • TikTok: Use the platform to reach a wider audience with short, engaging clips.
  • SoundCloud and Bandcamp: Upload the audio track separately to reach music-focused audiences.

By sharing the videos to your Social media accounts above can monetize your accounts so that you can make Dollars from that too.

Tips for Success

  • Consistency: Keep a consistent style in both audio and visuals to establish your unique lofi brand.
  • Engage with the Community: Participate in lofi music communities on social media to gain feedback and grow your audience.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try new techniques and effects. Lofi music is all about creativity and personal expression.

By using InShot and CapCut creatively, you can produce a complete lofi music experience about how to make lofi music video that resonates with listeners and viewers. Enjoy the process of making soothing, nostalgic tunes and visually appealing content that captures the essence of lofi.

Final Touches

Once your track is mixed and mastered, listen to it on different devices (headphones, speakers, car audio) to ensure it sounds good everywhere. Make any necessary adjustments based on what you hear. People always search about how to make lofi music video.


Producing loFi music is a journey that combines creativity, technical proficiency, and a passion for the distinct aesthetic of the genre. How to make lofi music video? You may create your own lo-fi recordings by following these instructions and experimenting with different sounds and production methods. Keep in mind that the charm of lo-fi music is found in its flaws and the unique touch you add to it. Have fun with your creations!

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