Cigaro Lyrics: In-Depth Analysis and Clear Breakdown

Cigaro Lyrics

Cigaro Lyrics,” from the American rock band System of a Down’s album Mezmerize, is a classic. “Cigaro” is a song about how the media is used to control people and how the government is dishonest.

How important and powerful the song is

The song is unique not only because of its loud music, but also because it makes direct attacks on power systems and lies. It came out when politics were tense and spoke to a lot of people who were fed up with the system.

Band Background

Music in the background for the band

A Brief History of System of a Down: System of a Down is an American rock band that has been around since 1994. They are known for their unique sound and songs that are political. Daron Malakian plays guitar and sings lead, Shavo Odadjian plays bass, and John Dolmayan plays drums. Serj Tankian sings lead.

Important People in the song are John Dolmayan, Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, and Shavo Odadjian
  • Serj Tankian is the lead singer and is known for having a strong voice and writing songs that make you think.
  • Daron Malakian plays guitar and sings backup vocals. He makes a big difference in the sound and lyrics of the band.
  • John Dolmayan is the drummer for the band. His fast, erratic playing makes the music more intense.
  • Shavo Odadjian plays bass and is a big part of the band’s stage appearance.

A Brief Look at the Song

When and what the album is about

The song “Cigaro” came out on May 17, 2005, as part of the album Mezmerize. The record was a turning point in the band’s career because of its creative style and political content.

Information on production and recording

Rick Rubin and Daron Malakian worked together to make the song. The recording took place in a number of rooms, with the goal of capturing the band’s live energy.

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Type of Music and Style

“Cigaro Lyrics” is an example of alternative metal because it mixes punk, rock, and metal styles. System of a Down’s style is reflected in its strong sound and fast beat.

A Look at the Lyrics

Main Ideas

The words to “Cigaro Lyrics” are a harsh attack on political and social problems. Satirical humor is used in the song to show how silly power and greed are.

Making use of satirical humor

The words of the song use dark humor to make fun of people in power for being cocky and dishonest. This method makes the word stronger and easier to remember.

A Review of Corruption in Politics

“Cigaro Lyrics” attacks politicians and the crooked systems they support in a very public way. The words make it sound like these people care more about their own reputation than the public’s well-being.

Thoughts on Social Problems

Along with political topics, the song talks about bigger problems in society, like unfair treatment of people and how the media can be manipulated. The words show that the singer is very angry about the way the world is right now.

Themes in Media Manipulation

The song makes the point that the media is involved in spreading lies and shaping how people think about things. A lot of System of a Down’s songs are built around this idea.

Hypocrisy: A Look into It

“Cigaro Lyrics” shows how hypocritical people in power are when they say they are good but act in a bad way. People who hear the words are encouraged to question authority and look for the truth.

Composition of Music

How the Song Is Put Together

The song has a standard verse-chorus format, with a loud beginning and changes in volume all the way through. The tight and focused music makes the effect of the lyrics stronger.


The instruments include rough guitar riffs, strong bass lines, and fast drum beats. The arrangement of the music goes well with the powerful voice delivery.

Vocal Performance

Serj Tankian’s singing is one of the best things about the song. The words have more meaning because of his ability to show anger, snark, and passion.

How to Use Speed and Dynamics

The fast pace and changing dynamics of the song give it a sense of urgency and anger. These parts of the music are very important to getting the point across in the song.

Effects on culture and society

How fans and critics felt about it

When “Cigaro Lyrics” first came out, it got mixed reviews. Fans liked how bold and lively it was, but some reviewers didn’t like how obviously mocking it was.

What it did for rock and political music

Other rock and political musicians have been inspired by the song. There are a lot of works that deal with similar themes because of how bravely it criticizes power systems.

Coverage in the press and media

“Cigaro Lyrics” got a lot of attention from the media because of its controversial words and the band’s strong personalities. It was talked about a lot in music magazines and conversations.

Key Figures Behind “Cigaro Lyrics”

Daron Malakian’s Role in Writing and Performing

Daron Malakian was very important in writing “Cigaro Lyrics.” His guitar playing and singing are big parts of the song’s effect.

Things that Serj Tankian has done

Serj Tankian’s unique singing style and deep lyrics are what make the song what it is. One thing that makes “Cigaro Lyrics” stand out is his ability to mix music and anger.

The Production Team and What They Did

Rick Rubin and Daron Malakian led the production team that made sure the song’s raw energy was caught well. The way they recorded and mixed the song had a big impact on how it turned out.

Lyrics Breakdown

Line-by-Line Analysis of Cigaro Lyrics

Every line of “Cigaro Lyrics” is a sharp attack on social rules and the way politicians act. A close study shows many levels of meaning and symbolism.

Symbols and allegories

The song gets its point across with vivid images and metaphors. For example, comparing politicians to cigar users shows how self-centered and disconnected they are from reality.

Key Phrases and What They Mean

Phrases like “My shit stinks much worse than yours” are meant to shock and make you think. They show how cocky and dishonest people in power are.

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Political and Social Context

Situation in politics and society

The Political Scene When It Came Out: “Cigaro Lyrics” came out at a time when there was a lot of political unrest, with stories like the Iraq War and government scams filling the news. Many people who were against the status quo related to the song’s ideas.

How it related to what was going on at the time

The song’s criticism of fake news and political hypocrisy was especially important given the current state of politics around the world. A lot of people who wanted change used it as a rallying cry.

Long-Term Effects on politics and society

People still talk about “Cigaro Lyrics” when they talk about politics and social problems. Its lasting appeal shows how strong its message is and how dedicated the band is to action.

Comparing This Song to Other Songs

Themes that are similar to other System of a Down songs

A lot of System of a Down’s songs are about the same things: bad government and problems in society. Songs like “B.Y.O.B.” and “Hypnotize” also use comedy and dark humor to get their points across.

Other Songs Like This One That Are Politically Charged

“Cigaro” sounds like music by bands like Rage Against the Machine that play political music. Both use angry music and obscene words to question power.

Effects on Following Music by the Band

The ideas that System of a Down explored in “Cigaro Lyrics” have continued to shape their music. The band’s later records and songs often talk about these themes again, but this time they do it with more emotion.

Elements of Style and Performance

Official Analysis of the Music Video

The music video for “Cigaro” has strange and disturbing images that go well with the song’s themes. The visual features make the words more powerful.

Live Performances and Changes

People love how intense and full of life live versions of “Cigaro Lyrics” are. Every show is different because the band often makes up new songs on the spot and interacts with the crowd.

Stage Presence and Interaction with the Audience

A big part of System of a Down’s draw is how they look on stage. The song is even more strong because of how well the band can connect with crowds through powerful shows.

Reception by critics and the public

First Thoughts and Reviews

In the beginning, critics had different feelings about “Cigaro Lyrics.” Some people liked how bold and energetic it was, while others were shocked by how sexy the words were.

Honors and Awards

“Cigaro” didn’t win any big awards, but it has been praised for how it changed the rock and political music scenes.

History and Long-Lasting Popularity

“Cigaro” is still one of System of a Down’s most popular songs. Its lasting popularity shows how strong its message is and how unique the band’s style is as musicians.

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Opinions of experts

What music critics have to say

Music reviewers have said that the song does a good job of using humor and is brave in its criticism of power systems. Reviews often point out how aggressive it sounds and how sexy the words are.

Academic Views on the Effects of the Song

“Cigaro Lyrics” has been looked at by academics in the setting of political and social action in music. People think that the song shows how artists can use their fame to talk about important problems.

The lives and stories of real people

How people feel and what they think about it

Some “Cigaro” fans say the show has changed the way they think about art and politics. Folks who are unhappy with the way things are can connect with the song’s message.

Stories from members of the band

Members of the band have told stories about how they wrote and recorded “Cigaro Lyrics.” These stories show how the band comes up with ideas and what drives them.

Works and Collaborations Related to

Other Important Pieces by System of a Down

System of a Down has released many other important songs besides “Cigaro,” such as “Chop Suey!” and “Toxic effects.”

Collaborating with fellow artists

Throughout their career, the band has collaborated with other artists, which has significantly contributed to their increased renown and influence.

Independent endeavors and personal undertakings

The members of System of a Down have engaged in individual and collaborative musical endeavors, resulting in a diverse body of work.

Aspects of technology

Methods of Recording

Advanced methods were used to record “Cigaro Lyrics” so that the band’s powerful sound could be captured. It was possible to make a good recording by using both traditional and digital methods.

Use of Technology in Production

In the making of “Cigaro Lyrics,” technology was very important, from recording to mixing and finishing. This made sure that the excitement of the song got across well.

New ideas for live performances

Many new technologies have been added to System of a Down’s live shows, which has made the whole music experience better for fans.


What does System of a Down’s “Cigaro” mean?

“Cigaro” is a satire song that makes fun of dishonesty in politics, the media, and society as a whole. It makes a strong statement about current problems through its angry sound and sexy words.

Who wrote “Cigaro”?

“Cigaro” was written by System of a Down’s main singers, Daron Malakian and Serj Tankian. As a result of working together, they made a song with powerful music and words.

What kinds of themes does “Cigaro” look at?

The song explores themes such as misinformation, governmental corruption, social problems, and dishonesty. The message is well conveyed via the use of dark humor and comedy.

How did critics and fans respond to “Cigaro”?

Nevertheless, “Cigaro” had a mixed response from reviewers, but it was widely acclaimed by fans. This song is widely recognized as one of System of a Down’s most renowned tracks due to its impactful lyrics and intense performance.

What is the meaning of the music video for “Cigaro”?

The music video for “Cigaro” has unconventional and unsettling visuals that align well with the thematic elements of the song. It is crucial in effectively conveying the meaning of the song.

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